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Context Setting - Track 1 Hyper-efficient Personalization with Smart Data What is personal vs personalized? What is cool vs creepy? What is distant vs too close? In this era of technologies which enable a 360 view of the consumer, how does one balance out the marketer’s needs vs consumer expectations in terms of privacy and access control. This industry panel, consisting of leading marketing practitioners will deliberate at length the dilemma facing today’s marketers, highlight important industry trends and recommend best practices that can help navigate the personalization path to profits with consumer in control
Context Setting For Track 2 Paid media is increasingly becoming distrusted and native content is taking precedence over any other content source. The consumer’s time spent per page is rapidly decreasing, due to the plethora of options. Brand managers, agencies and media professionals need to be creative to land contextual messages backed by data. Content no longer refers to marketing content but to everything that a brand uses - whether it is customer support scripts, notifications, sales kits, etc. In this era creativity and context will be key to customer attention and response.
Context Setting For Track 3: Print Innovation and Digital Integration

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The 8th DMAI Asia is here to take you on a ride in to the future of marketing brilliance. With technology at its core, come join the biggest marketing fraternity- comprised of the most brilliant minds in the digital marketing space- ready to share their idea of business excellence. A look in to the future that has the perfect mix of innovation & impactful players - offering an experience that's sure to transcend you in to the future of decoding a buyer's journey.

A one of its kind event, come witness a string of presentations & keynotes- hosted by the marketing gurus of the nation as they inspire curious minds & share automagical strategies that are sure to rule the marketing industry. 4 tracks, 16 sessions & 40 speakers- are ready to unveil the magical portal to the future. Are you ready?

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Listen to the market leaders from across fields as they share the code to new-age marketing. As the marketing fraternity comes together, experience & explore tools, methods & technologies of the future - to get you all future ready in mapping a buyer's journey- today. Straight from the influencers and the change-makers.

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